About Me

A quiet little hamlet in North Hertfordshire was my home until 1995, when I left to study Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art where I gained my degree. It was a great city in which to study with all the wonderful old buildings and history although I was particularly drawn to the River Cam & the parks. Once I had finished my degree, I developed my portfolio with many exciting projects, expanding into mural painting and furniture makeovers. I left Cambridge temporarily to follow my interests in teaching and learning & gained my PGCE in Secondary Art Education at the University of Exeter. This led to teaching and working with people with disabilities. All of these varied skills enriched my work, enabling me to embrace new challenges as an artist.

After a few more years in Cambridge, my need for fresh inspiration and a rural lifestyle pulled me out of the city to the beautiful North Norfolk Coast. This move inspired me to create a series of coastal-themed artwork which I exhibit, along with my other work, in local galleries and exhibitions.

Now based in Norwich, with the buzz of city life and great access to the whole of East Anglia, I am surrounded by beautiful countryside and stunning coastal locations. These surroundings provide me with limitless inspiration and reference material for the natural themes within my work.

What I love most about being a freelance artist/illustrator is the variety of work & the projects on which I work vary widely from small intricate pieces to murals covering over 20 square metres! For example, one week I could be painting a mural in the hold of a Dutch ship, the next I could be creating illustrations for a nature reserve in Australia, designing signs for an eco-friendly garden at a field studies centre, or creating a nautical-themed arch and seating for a childrenā€˜s playground. With each new project, I look forward to the surge of ideas, solving problems in design and composition and seeing all the hard work come to fruition. It is also very important to me that the client is happy with the end result.

The nature of the project can often influence which techniques and approaches are the best to use such painting, pen and ink, linocuts, scraperboards and cut-art, digital artwork, etc. If you have an artistic requirement, please take a look at how to commission me or contact me to see if I can fulfil your creative needs.

What inspires me…

… is a love of natural things: the silhouette of a bird, the unseen beauty of a weed or the shadow cast by a wrought iron gate on a sunny day – small details that often go unnoticed. I am driven to capture these peaceful and poetic moments in nature, often by simplifying elements to create a visually pleasing conclusion.

Swallows on a wire