Dabbling Duck

The Dabbling Duck is a lovely, cosy pub in the village of Great Massingham, Norfolk. I designed and painted a new sign, logo and a large map mural beside the bar. The village itself has several large ponds, where many a dabbling duck can be found! My design for the sign featured two mallards; the female with a comic upturned behind in the background, and the male in the foreground. The artwork from the sign was used on their business cards, menus and even on pint glasses

About 12 years after painting the original Dabbling Duck Pub sign, I was asked to paint a fresh, new one to replace the original. I kept the design quite similar, updating it with some additional, splashy textures in the water.

I was asked to paint a large map of Norfolk on the wall beside the bar. It showed local suppliers to the pub, such as providers of cheeses or ales and also featured local tourist attractions, which could be pointed out to visitors.

More recently, the owners commissioned me to paint a sign for their holiday cottage next door. In this new sign, I continued the story of the original two characters which had now made a family together. In ‘Duckling Cottage’, the male has his tail upturned in the background, the female is at the front and a row of ducklings complete the family circle.